About Us

Our goal is to build a community of people that love to be inspired and help inspire others.
Eventually another goal, but on a bigger scale is to connect non-profits and different foundations
to help people that are in need. Upinspire will be a gateway to help connect people in need with
people that can help them.

By allowing users to submit and share inspirational content we hope to inspire
others and build a positive community geared towards helping others.
We will be the first social networking site to actually make a difference in the world.

What makes Upinspire so unique is you can see how many people you have inspired
with your submissions. You can communicate with others and make a connection with
members who might have the same interests as yourself.

Members can add their Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites directly
above the content they submit, so when their submission goes viral, their social sites
go with it, giving that member more recognition!

Make your submission a good one! If you inspire enough
people we will feature it on the homepage.

What is upinspire all about?
upinspire was built to help motivate and inspire people to do more good in this world.
We want to be the first social networking site geared towards helping and inspiring others.
You can submit your own inspirational content and view other content submitted by our members. You can also message and follow other members content. It's a great place to meet positive and inspirational people.

What's with the "I'm Inspired" counter?
That helps us and our members keep track of the most inspirational content.
It also helps us determine what videos and images will be featured on our homepage.

How does upinspire make money?
We do not make money at the moment. Right now we are privately funded to get things rolling.
Eventually we would like to connect charities and foundations to people in need.

Why don't you have a comment section?
We feel there is always that one person that has something negative to say and we don"t
want others to have to experience that. There is something refreshing about not worrying
about scrolling down and seeing rude and inappropriate comments.

What's with those commercials that run before some of the videos?
Those commercials are from YouTube. We receive absolutely no money from the banners
or commercials that run on upinspire.

Where do you get your content?
Most of our content is submitted by our members. If a particular video or image has
inspired alot of people, we will "feature" it on our homepage.

How do I get in touch with the upinspire team?
Go here http://www.upinspire.com/contact-us

We welcome any feedback and suggestions.
Thanks for stopping by upinspire!